The idea of Homes4All was born from a simple observation: the paths of full poverty start very often from losing one’s home. It’s not very important if this happens for personal or business reasons, but from the loss of the house onwards the gravity of any previous situation increases until it becomes difficult to reverse, with very high costs for people, families and the whole community.


Homes4All aims to take action on this evident criticality, in particular by:


empty or busy property blocks,

acquired on the real estate

market or in

judicial auctions


a network of private real estate investors


and coordinating all territorial

subsidies useful to guarantee,

for the most vulnerable subjects,

the right to housing and the

lease support

Homes4All, therefore, was created with the aim of offering a service that combines the supply of properties with groups of private investors available to create a network to reach social goals and enhance the territory.

Thanks to Homes4All a practice with a strong socio-economic impact is set up, which is addressed by the private non-profit organization to the public sector, capable of:


  • pairing people with a housing emergency to private citizens willing to put themselves at the service of social goals;

  • realizing the assessment tools for the social networks of the tenants involved in the initiative, in order to evaluate their effective socio-relational strength;

  • promoting “SmartCities” practices through the involvement of important business realities in the sector.


Furthermore, coordinating with third sector players, after having satisfied the main housing need, more networks will develop within the Turin area in order to support the beneficiaries in further possible critical situations, accompanying tenants with support, placement and training programs.

Homes4All provides its services mainly looking in two different directions:


if necessary, it will refurbish it in order to include it in the social rent channels


coming from legal proceedings. After checking the real worthiness of the subject on trial, the debt of the occupant is removed, for them to start paying a controlled rent, calibrated on the price ceiling set by the basic income, with the help of a Social Fund that guarantees any unsolved payment

There is also going to be the possibility, in some cases, to proceed with the stipulation of a so-called “rent-to-buy” contract. On payment of an increased rent, one part of that is kept to cover the normal rent, while the other part is charged as the purchase price in case the tenant decides to exercise the option to purchase the property.


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