The social impact

Homes4All proposes to intervene as a new model of social housing aimed at reducing the housing emergency by generating a strong social impact on the territory:

  • Reduce the number of households in housing emergencies with the aim of including and accompanying 17 households by June 2021.

  • Strengthen, thanks to the activities carried out by social workers, the management skills of the tenants involved in the accompaniment process.

  • Reduce the impact on social services and public housing in the cities where Homes4All is active.

  • Promote urban regeneration.

  • Build an innovative model in the relationship between public and private investors (Pay by Results).

Homes4All contributes to the achievement of seven SDGs

of the United Nations (Sustainable Development Goals)

SDG 11 having a decent and affordable home is a key determinant of
determinant for the health and well-being of individuals and families (SDG 3), has a positive impact on children's education
(SDG 4), can help people obtain and maintain employment (SDG 8), and can provide a pathway out of poverty (SDG 1). The carbon footprint of homes can be reduced through the right energy efficiency and construction measures (SDGs 7 and 13).