Homes4All s.r.l. innovative startup and Benefit Corporation

As foreseen by one of the objectives of the feasibility study of Intervention I of the Project financed by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, the architecture of the NewCo vehicle company dealing with the management and acquisition of real estate has been defined.
Homes4All s.r.l. innovative startup and Benefit Corporation 
is the company name of the NewCo that has been set up for this purpose.
Founding partners of NewCo are two of the project partners: the advisory company for the accompaniment of startups and entrepreneurial activities and for the development of solutions for innovative projects, Brainscapital s.r.l. Benefit Corporation, together with Homers s.r.l. Benefit Corporation, company of architects and engineers engaged in the experimentation of new models of living.

Founding members

Brains logo.png

Brainscapital is a management advisory company established in 2013 to accompany entrepreneurial activities and to develop complex projects.

On the one hand, it accompanies enterprises in the start-up phase, helping them, if possible, to turn the business idea into reality, analyzing the feasibility of the project, quantifying costs and defining the business plan, also operating as an active partner in finding financial resources.

On the other hand, thanks to its highly qualified and multisectorial team and to a large and consolidated network of contacts at various levels, it helps and supports the established companies which are looking for a positive change.


Homers is a company, spin-off of the Politecnico di Torino. Its team is composed of architects, engineers, community builders and social real estate experts..

Homers was born in 2014 in Turin from the merger of the design company TRA_architettura

condivisa and Fondazione Benvenuti in Italia, after a first experience together in 2012 for the co-design of the Buena Vista solidarity cohousing community.


Mario Montalcini.jpg

Chartered accountant, team leader, entrepreneur of companies, including international ones, he has significant experience in business organization and project management. He focuses in particular on the construction, design, evaluation and management of corporate investment initiatives, with a keen eye also on the digital world and innovation, cultural businesses and new trends.

A wealth of successful experiences that have anticipated the times of profound changes.

mario montalcini 


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marco tabbia.jpg

He was the founder of numerous third sector organisations such as Acmos Association, Foundation Benvenuti in Italia and the social enterprise Homers Srl.

To date he is the chief executive officer of Homers Srl and director general of the Foundation Benvenuti in Italia and of the Cooperative Nanà.

marco tabbia 

chief executive officer

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Chartered accountant, he has gained expertise in the development and growth of new entrepreneurial realities, as well as in the drafting of business plans and start-up development plans.  

He is the promoter and representative of the Study Group on “Start-up and Innovative SMEs” at the Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Turin. In addition, he has expertise in the field of business plan attestations and in insolvency and crisis management procedures.

federico disegni 

chief operating officer

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Isabelle Toussaint.jpg

Graduated in architecture with a specialisation in restoration at the Institut Supérieur d’Architecture St Luc Liège (Belgium). Subsequently she obtained the Degree of Master of science in architecture with the specialisation in conservation of historic towns and buildings at the R.Lemaire Centre for the Conservation of Historic Towns and Buildings, KUL (Belgium).

She is the technical director of Homers Srl and she founded and continues to run TRA Srl_Toussaint Robiglio Architetti.

isabelle toussaint 

chief for technical analysis of real estate

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Matteo Robiglio.jpg

Architect and Professor and the Politecnico of Turin, where he coordinates the Interdepartmental Research Centre Urban Legacy Lab.

His researches and projects are focused on the reuse of buildings and on the regeneration of parts of the city, through the experimentation of innovative models of access to property and organisation of spaces, in order to promote initiatives with high social impact.

matteo robiglio 

scientific advisor

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Cristina Martinetti.jpg

Graduated in law, she gained expertise in communication and strategic marketing. She was partner of Fiorio Management-CK Adv agency.

Over the years,  she specialised in communication and fundraising for cultural projects for various Foundations and cultural institutions, such as Foundation Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Museo Ettore Fico,  Museo del Cinema, Maestro Ennio Morricone. She is consultant for fundraising strategies and corporate partnership for the social sector, including organisations such as MSF, Save the Children, Rishikesh Relief, Mary'sMeals Glasgow.

cristina martinetti

chief communication and fundraising officer

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Nicoletta Piacenza.jpg

Graduated in Social Work and in Social Policies and Services, with a thesis on the transaction to adult life of young people involved in cohousing experiences.

She is active member of Acmos Association and she has been dealing with the project Coabitazioni Giovanili Solidali, with projects for the support of housing independence and with the integration of asylum seekers within the C.A.S. circuit.

nicoletta piacenza 

chief social support officer

giacomo molinari.jpg

Architect, graduated in a Master Degree Programme at the Politecnico of Turin with a thesis on major events and their impact on the contemporary city.

She has been collaborating with Homers Srl since 2015: she has the role of designer and she guides the groups of cohousers along the entire path of participatory design.

Giacomo Molinari 

Social Service Designer

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Mauro Beano.jpg

With a Master Degree in Economics of the Environment, Culture and Territory, he was awarded the scholarship of the Civil Society’s Talent Call for a research project on commercial desertification in Turin.

He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Acmos Association and works as administrative officer for the social enterprise Homers Srl.

mauro beano

territorial researcher

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PAOLA sacco.jpg

Laureata in architettura, lavora da molti anni sulle connessioni tecniche e sociali nel campo della rigenerazione urbana e sui programmi integrati di riqualificazione territoriale, durante i quali sviluppa elevate competenze nella lettura del tessuto sociale di contesto urbano. Come Luoghi Possibili attualmente lavora in equipe multidisciplinari per diversi progetti sul tema dell'abitare in partenariati pubblico/privato, affrontando tematiche inerenti target caratterizzati da elevato grado di fragilità.

Paola Sacco

Responsabile valutazione immobili

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