With Homes4All you can invest in real estate and obtain an economic return by helping people who are experiencing financial or housing difficulties to find a home or not to lose it. 

Do you recognize yourself in the Homes4All values and want to be part of it?

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By subscribing a share of the capital increase of Homes4All, with amounts starting from 500 euros , you can benefit from tax incentives for innovative start-ups in the amount of 50% for individuals and 30% for legal entities.

In addittion, the status of partner allow you to benefit from the following rights and advantages, differentiated into three categories of investment based on the amount subscribed:

Find out more about the Equity Crowdfunding campaign of Homes4All active on LITA.co platform!

What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity Crowdfunding is a form of investment that allows you to finance a startup and support it in achieving its growth objectives. By participating in an online fundraising, carried out on authorized web platforms, you can provide financial contributions in exchange for shares in the company itself, thus becoming a full partner.


Why has Homes4All launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign?

Homes4All aims to have an effective impact on the housing emergency problem and Equity Crowdfunding represents the right tool to attract investors interested in supporting a project with both an economic return and an high social impact and who believe in the same values ​​that characterize Homes4All. The objective of the campaign is to raise capital from private investors needed to acquire real estate properties, which will be the underlying of your investment.


What are the opportunities offered to investors and the benefits that you obtain by participating in the crowdfunding campaign?

  1. By investing in Homes4All, you can become a partner of an innovative startup with a social impact and, in addittion, you can participate in a real estate investment with reduced subscribable amounts starting from 500 euros;

  2. Homes4All has decided to adopt a special right of withdrawal for the benefit of small-denomination investors (with investments of less than 10 thousand euros - Category D). In fact, at the expiration date of the company's innovative startup qualification (December 2024), Category D partners will be able to choose whether to stay in Homes4All or withdraw through a simple written request to the company and thus obtain the reimbursement of the company share on the basis of the actual market value;

  3. Thanks to Decreto Rilancio, the individual shareholder is entitled to a tax incentive of 50% of the invested amount granted to innovative startups until the end of the year (NB The campaign will end on 15/12/2020).


How can I get more information on the Homes4All campaign?

Connect to LITA.co : by registering you will find published all the documents necessary to have a complete view of the startup, including a detailed description of the project, the business plan, the Chamber of Commerce registration and all the legal and informative documents required by law.

In order to help you in the process, here are the 7 steps you need to follow to become a partner of Homes4All!


  1. Connect on www.lita.co and register;

  2. Login to your profile and complete your personal data, fill out the MiFID (European Directive for the protection of investors) and upload your identification document;

  3. Wait for the validation of the profile by the LITA Team;

  4. Login and choose the Homes4All project;

  5. Download and consult the documents on the Offer;

  6. Choose how much to invest, enter your IBAN and finish in a few clicks!

  7. Follow the instructions received via email to make the transfer from your home banking.





For more information on how the LITA.co platform works

In Homes4All we firmly believe that only united towards a common goal it is possible to intervene on the current complex housing and social issue.

You too can help those who are in a situation of economic, social and housing vulnerability and take part in the urban regeneration!