FAQ Homes4All


1) I'm interested in Homes4All and I would like to find out more about investments methods. 

There are three ways to invest in Homes4All with a guaranteed economic return and high social impact.


i.   equity (i.e. share capital): you’ll have the opportunity to become a shareholder of Homes4All by subscribing a share of the capital increase and you’ll be able to benefit from the tax incentives dedicated to innovative start-ups thanks to a tax deduction of 50% of the investment made for natural persons and 30% for legal persons, which can be carried forward for three years in case of gross tax incapacity;

ii.   interest-bearing loan: investment in debt capital with a guaranteed return of 5% gross at the first round of the capital increase;

iii.   NewCo ad hoc: establishment of corporate instruments for a real estate investment which in turn grant the use of the property to Homes4All.


To learn more about the financial aspects, you can arrange an appointment by writing to info@homes4all.it

2)I've seen that the Equity Crodwfunding campaign of Homes4All is in progress. What is it and how can I participate?


Equity Crowdfunding is a form of investment that allows you to finance an innovative start-up by providing a financial contribution in exchange for shares in the company itself. The objective of the Homes4All campaign, which will end on December 15, 2020, is to raise capital from private investors and use it to acquire real estate properties, which will be the underlying of your investment.

If you are interested in supporting Homes4All you can participate in the campaign by investing on the Lita.co crowdfunding platform with a contribution starting from Euro 500: you will become a business partner of Homes4All and you will benefit from tax incentives for innovative start-ups in the amount of 50% for individuals and 30% for legal entities.

To find out more about the Equity Crowdfunding Campaign visit the section “Invest in Homes4All


3)Which are the risks related to the investment?


Investment in Equity (i.e. share capital) is, by definition, an investment in the company’s risk capital and therefore cannot be guaranteed. However, compared to many other start-ups, the risk in investing in Homes4All is lower since all the costs of the company are substantially covered for at least three years by the Social Innovation Fund of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. As a result, the investments received will have real estate assets in return and, in the event of dissolution of the company, the shareholders will have their capital liquidated on the basis of sales of the properties or their allocation to investors.



4)I have a vacant property or one that I cannot take care of and I would be interested in entrusting its management to Homes4All. What should I do?

Homes4All takes over the management of your property in order to include it in the social rental channels, in return for a commission on rents for their management.

You can arrange an appointment with our internal contact who will explain you all the necessary steps and information to finalize the management of your property by writing to info@homes4all.it



5)I am in a situation of housing emergency. Can Homes4All help me?


If you are in a situation of housing emergency and/or economic difficulty (such as inability to pay rent or mortgage payments, objective difficulty in finding housing in the free market) and if some requirements are fulfilled, in collaboration with social services and the Third Sector:


a.       in the event of past debt situations and the risk of losing your homes, Homes4All helps you heal your position by reaching agreements with credit institutions or in carrying out the practices provided for by the so-called “Over-Indebtness Law” no.3/2012. This law, indeed, allows the debtor to access a procedure to facilitate the recovery of his debts by presenting a repayment plan, which is based on the actual availability and possibilities of the debtor and that allows, once approved by a Judge, to obtain the removal of the debt;

b.      if you have problems in finding accommodation in the free market, Homes4All gives you the possibility to enter into one of its real estate properties in exchange for the payment of a rent calibrated to the maximum amount provided for by the practices of the so-called “Reddito di Cittadinanza”;

c.      in addition, in cases of difficulty or further need for help, Homes4All supports and accompanies you with a tailored program of support, placement and training in partnership with social services.



6)Why is Homes4All an ethical and social impact project?


Homes4All aims to have an effective impact on the problem of housing emergency and it intends to do so by strengthening the skills of the tenants involved in the debit path, by building an innovative asset in the relationship between public and private investors and by reducing the impact on the reception services of the City of Turin.

Homes4All fights the housing emergency caused by a significant increase in evictions. Intervening before evictions tale place allows to male urban regeneration house by house, helping those in difficulty and preventing them from losing their house at auction.